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Gracie Barra Georgia Professor Fabio Costa Brings His Unique Technique to New Mexico

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Gracie Barra Georgia Chief Instructor Fabio Costa made a visit to the Land of Enchantment and made a stop at Gracie Barra New Mexico’s Westside Academy to share his knowledge, technique and humor at a seminar held on Saturday, April 20. Costa showed several passes from the half guard, a loop choke variation and his passion for teaching to over 60 students who attended the more than two-hour seminar. Costa was impressed with the quality of students and the quality of school being run by Gracie Barra New Mexico Chief Instructor Roberto “Tussa” Alencar.

“I see a lot of passion and dedication here in New Mexico,” said Costa. “These guys come together in a big way. They all represent very well and are great ambassadors of the sport in a very positive way and what I see here is a state full of future black belts in a few years.”

Professor Costa spent six days in The Duke City and thought very highly of the nucleus of students that make up Gracie Barra New Mexico.

“What I saw here was a great thing,” he said. “Everyone here was really welcoming. It’s amazing how much Gracie Barra students look to each other. Everyone is looking to develop their jiu jitsu, have a better life style, help the beginners and be tough when somebody needs to go harder. There is room for improvement because you never stop trying to perfect yourself.”

Probably the most unique of the methods that were shown by Professor Costa was his ability to keep the attention of the crowd and to make them laugh. In the little spare time he has, Professor Costa works with at-need children and is a student of the human body and mind.

“I’ve been studying the science of teaching for a long time,” he said. “I’ve studied the human body and the human mind and I’m very dedicated to learning more and more about it and I’ve picked up tricks and techniques here and there. I work with kids who have disabilities and you have to keep it simple. I deal with over 600 kids each week and that’s how I treat my students. I keep it simple but also fun.”

Having seen Professor Tussa as a blue belt, Costa is honored to see not only the black belt leader he has become, but also the person he is.

“I had a good talk with Tussa about this,” Costa recalled. “When you are in this kind of type of world where you win medals and accomplish things, a lot of people try to congratulate you, they try to sponsor you and be around you. You have to remember who you are and where you come from. Professor Tussa does this really well. He has a really strong base and he knows where he comes from.”

Written by Daniel Archuleta –

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