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Binder on Weight for Finals of 104.1 The Edge Fight Challenge at Jackson’s MMA Series XI


Photo Courtesy of Will Fox/ Southwest Fight News

Photo Courtesy of Will Fox/ Southwest Fight News

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Gracie Barra New Mexico’s David Binder made weight and is all set for this amateur mixed martial arts debut against Henry Barahona at tomorrow night’s Jackson’s MMA Series XI. Binder and Barahona tipped the scales at 153.8 and 154.8, respectively. The weigh-ins were held at the brand new Downs Casino at Expo New Mexico.

Tickets are still available and can be purchased at the Tingley Coliseum Box Office or online at

Here are the rest of today’s weigh-in results.

Main Event
Conrad Padilla (Jackson/Winklejohn) 143.8 vs. Nick Rhoads (Apex MMA) 145.4

Main Card – Professional Bouts
Gabriel Benitez (Jackson/Winklejohn) 155.4 vs. Richard Villa (Team Roswell) 157** (allowed 2 hours to shed a pound)
Salvador Montano (Jackson/Winklejohn) 183.8 vs. Jason Clayton (8th Street Gym) 183.2
Guido Martin Cannetti (Jackson/Winklejohn) 135.2 vs. Eliazar Rodriguez 134.6
Daniel Salas (Jackson/Winklejohn) 145.6 vs. Jason Brenton (School of Hard Knockouts) 145
Nick Urso (Jackson/Winklejohn) 125.4 vs. Ronnie White (Perez Fighting Systems) 126
Dave Binder 153.8 vs. Henry Barahona 154.8

Undercard – Amateur Bouts
Andrew Tenneson (Jackson/Winklejohn) 152.6 vs. Jerry Sano (Bushido MMA) 155.8
Brandon Jones (Jackson/Winklejohn) 169.4 vs. Eduardo Gambo (Bushido MMA) 170.4
Eric Dodson (Jackson/Winklejohn) 134.2 vs. Thomas Mills (Perez Fighting Systems) 133.8
Vince Varela (Jackson/Winklejohn) 145.6 vs. Ray Vaiza (Damage Inc) 144
Eric Griego (Jackson/Winklejohn) 125.8 vs. Robert Fratterelli (Pacific Warrior) 125.8

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