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Masters World Championship Results!!!


Ten athletes from Albuquerque and Rio Rancho collected five medals at the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) Masters World Championships in Long Beach, CA over the weekend. Straight from his success in Las Vegas, Gottrell Wesley King turned in a commanding performance to capture the silver medal in his brown belt division. David Binder, competing at this tournament for the first time, went home with a bronze medal, as did Nick Broz and Scott Ukeiley. Professor Roberto Camargo de Alencar, who was unfortunately injured at the tournament, earned a bronze medal in his heavyweight black belt division.

The other athletes who competed were Joshua Sauseda, Ruben Garcia, Emmanuel Gallegos, Warren Brooks, and Gustavo Camargo de Alencar.

Nick Broz: Blue, Master 1, Rooster BRONZE
Joshua Sauseda: Blue, Master 1, Light
Ruben Garcia: Blue, Master 1, Light
Emmanuel Gallegos: Purple, Master 3, Medium Heavy
Scott Ukeiley: Purple, Master 4, Middle BRONZE
David Binder: Brown, Master 1, Middle BRONZE
Gottrell Wesley King: Brown, Master 1, Medium Heavy SILVER
Warren Brooks: Brown, Master 3, Ultra Heavy
Roberto Camargo de Alencar: Black, Maser 1, Heavy BRONZE
Gustavo Camargo de Alencar: Black, Master 1, Heavy

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